Exhibiting at Leigh Court

When Leigh Court contacted me earlier this year, I thought it was to discuss my event booking for my Launch Exhibition. However, it was better than that. It was to offer me the chance to permanently exhibit artworks from my artists. 


To say I was speechless is an understatement and those who know me know that that doesn’t happen often. Leigh Court is a stunning mansion house set in beautiful grounds. Hundreds of people use this building for meetings, conferences, events and weddings. The perfect location and environment to showcase artworks created by local artists.


This exhibition is showcasing the following artists:

  • Maggie Cousins – an illustrator, artist and designer who has a strong graphic style and creates bold, colourful artwork in 2D and 3D..


  • Anna Duckworth – an artist who creates high energy paintings in acrylic.


  • Ann Kelson – an artist whose quiet artwork has meaning, whispered rather than shouted, that demands a second look.


  • Alex Davis – an artist who combines technology with traditional printmaking practices to create images that preserve a moment in time knowing that they will change and transform over time.


  • Lewis Grimwood – landscape and street photographer exploring forms through colour, light, shadows and reflections to tell a story of the moment of capture.


  • Lloyd Lewis – a self taught portrait artist who instinctively creates a likeness that delves into his subject’s character and personality.


  • Veronia Gayle – an abstract artist who sculpts 2D collages from her preprinted colourful paper, creating movement and depth within each of her artworks.


So where to begin? How to curate an exhibit fit for Leigh Court? My starting point is always flow. Does one artist’s work flow into the next. Fill That Space is about having a mix of artworks as part of the portfolio. So, making sure the flow is right can be challenging. I look for the link that connects one artist’s work to another.


Next, what pieces from each artist to select. The essence of Fill That Space is variety. Trying to ensure that there is something for everyone.


And finally, installation. Fortunately, once I marked up the walls Sam Shinner, from Leigh Court, was on hand to hang the artwork. 


I’m pleased to say that now the blank walls are filled.