Veronia Gayle

Veronia Gayle’s artwork has an entrancing quality that immediately entices her audience to view her work on an intimate basis by compelling a further investigation.

Her practice is based on the experimental exploration of the ambiguous, abstract nature of form, line and texture. She manipulates the 2D format, mimicking a sculptural structure, giving the illusion of depth and movement. The nurturing of this concept is a fundamental process in her work and she brings this to fruition by using an array of media.

Veronia Gayle’s art is based around the contours of nature and the human form, which she portrays through gestural lines. Using a selection of hand printed lino and screen printed papers she composes collages by cutting found natural lines or patterns to give the illusion of a 3D sculpture.

The process of discovering the right composition and colour for each artwork is organic and a fundamental key to her art; by arranging and rearranging the collage it enables her to open or complete the journey of the flow of her piece.

Influenced by Matisse, Moore and Rodin, her layered collages hold the attention of the viewer through their composition and palette; they emanate the essence of the human form, a structure that everyone can relate to.

Veronia Gayle wants the passers-by to stop in their tracks and be captivated by what they see or what they think they see.

Veronia Gayle graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Drawing and Applied Arts at UWE in Bristol in 2014.

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