Sophie Mills-Thomas

Sophie is an emerging contemporary artist, based in Bristol. Her signature is expressive animal portraiture- vivid explosive colour. Currently exploring focus in her pieces, fine detail merged with mark making using a variety of media. Semi fractured and tricking the eye into focusing on and out she is playing with depth and perspective.

She does commissions and has her own series of originals as well as limited-edition prints. Recently she has been painting a bird a day in an hour. Her next series with be 40 marine life pieces, 5 a week released and 25% going to a different marine charity every week from the 5 painted. She is also having a go at going plastic free for those 8 weeks.

From Sophie: “To be able to go full time as an artist has been and probably will be the thing I am proudest of. It is both terrifying and exhilarating. I will not forget waking up at 5 a.m going to the studio, arriving at the office stinking of turps and oil paint, charging back at lunch to carry on painting and then back again after the office, creating in neon strip lighting ’til dark. It was during this time with sore eyes, that the shift between enjoying art and it becoming my life occurred. I am truly grateful to pursue it as my career.”

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