Neil Roberts

Neil Roberts is a Bristol based artist whose work is mostly inspired by dreams, music, obscure books and the human form. He is an idea factory and loves to be taken away by a tangent of creative impulses pushing him into the realms of profound experiences.

He’s borrowed and in turn paid homage to the surrealist artists, occult writer ‘Aleister’ Crowley, erotic photographers like Roy Stewart and in particular painter/photographer Man Ray.

His early forms of inspiration emanated from the Roger Dean album covers of his father’s rock collection.

Most of his work is with oils giving the pieces an almost classic feel to them. Although he has a lot of respect for and indulges in photography or digital creations often, he finds viewers tend to respond to and appreciate his oil works more keenly in this way.

When people see his work, he likes them to experience both a mixture of nostalgia and déjà vu.

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