Ann Kelson

Ann Kelson is an artist and maker and is proud to be called a crafts-person. She graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Drawing and Applied Arts from UWE, having regularly exhibited both in this country and in Europe. Ann was included in the Recent Graduates Showcase at the Affordable Art Fair and as a result reviewed by The Times, being described as “one to watch”.

Ann enjoys working within the world of craft, specifically domestic and conventionally feminine crafts which are often overlooked and devalued. She enjoys using traditional and modern techniques to produce work which is often very conceptual. Valuing a high level of skill she aims to produce aesthetically pleasing, hand-crafted objects which convey meaning.

There is often a very autobiographical theme to her work, drawing on her experiences to produce thoughtful work. Her quiet artwork has meaning, whispered rather than shouted, that demands a second look.

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