Andrew and Helen Stevens

Helen and Andrew Stevens have created images together all their working lives and after a successful career travelling the globe shooting advertising, corporate and editorial photography, they have spent the past 2 years producing a series of  digital still life prints based on their collections at their studio. After exhibitions in Bristol, Farnham and Manchester, one of the works was taken by Manchester City Art Gallery for their permanent collection.

The idea for the prints came initially from owning a series of articulated wooden hands that artists use for reference and grew from there. Each one of the 20+ prints has a wooden hand as its focus and then the concept for each image was based on that as a starting point. The series came about as they had a collection of ephemera which made up a series of comprehensive images and this brought to life their favourite things.


Images like the Secret Agent include Helen’s father’s typewriter, that he brought with him in the 1930’s when fleeing Austria, as well as an original First Day cover of the inaugural flight of the Hindenburg in 1936. The Photographer contains images of Helen’s Grandfather from World War One. Every image tells its own story.

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