Alex Davis

Alex Davis graduated in 2013 with a degree in Drawing & Applied Arts where she focused on digital photography and print. Since leaving university she has expanded in both 2D and 3D using techniques such as laser cutting and printmaking processes.

Alex’s inspiration comes from her surroundings. She takes photographs to capture images that could disappear. She takes photographs of graffiti knowing that in time the image will change or transform. In essence, trying to capture a moment, which is not dissimilar to her major influencers and established photographers Robert Frank and Robert Capa.

As Bristol is Alex’s hometown and her inspiration, in these recent works she wants to combine the history and the modern and the challenge of “what is more beautiful?” She hopes to inspire people with her work so they can really see what is around them and to question “is there beauty in the ugly?” and “what is art?”

By using the printmaking technique, photo-etching, it gives the photograph another quality, sometimes softer and almost magical and at times a harsh statement.

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